Dear Friend in Christ,

The St. Theresa Nursery and Primary School in Nimo, Nigeria, presently has over 100 children taught and cared for by ten teachers under the direction of two Miles Jesu women’s community members. Lucia, MJ, tells us, “On March 23, 2020, we gathered the little ones together on the assembly ground to pray and to dismiss the children from school. They were supposed to start their term exams on that day; however, the government had sent directives to have all schools closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. After praying, the children were taught what the pandemic meant and how to avoid contracting the illness. As the teachers and administrators motioned the children towards the gate to dismiss them, a little voice came out, so loud and clear, with the words: ‘We will go and return safe and sound.’ It was Zimuzo (whose name means ‘show me the way’), a child in Basic 4 who is usually very quiet. He innocently seemed to want to emphasize how much we need God in this, and in all circumstances. After a few seconds, we all spontaneously answered together ‘Amen!”

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