There are two types of membership in Miles Jesu:

Domus Membership

“Domus” is the Latin word for home. Miles Jesu domus members form an institute of consecrated life of diocesan right, subdivided in two branches, one of consecrated lay women, and one of consecrated lay men and also some clerics who are incardinated in the Institute itself.  The members belong to diverse Rites of the Catholic Church.  They normally live in community and they profess the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. The lay members work in the world where they witness to the Gospel values with their lives… (taken from Miles Jesu constitutions, n. 1)

Vinculum Membership

‘Vinculum” is the Latin word for “bond.” Besides the vowed members, Miles Jesu also has associate members, lay women and men, single or married, as well as diocesan clerics, who seek evangelical perfection according to the spirituality and charism of the Ecclesial Family and their own state of life. These associate members are called “Vinculum” (bond) members. (cf. Miles Jesu constitutions, n. 2)

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