Dear Friend in Christ,

“Presently 29 boys are staying in the ‘Udaya Nakshatra’ (Morning Star) Boys’ Home in Sirsi, India, studying from 5th grade to pre-university degrees in four different schools/colleges,” reports Ronald, MJ. 

“It’s getting hot and humid here in India. The Indian summer has arrived, school is out, and exam results are coming in. We make strident efforts to ensure that the boys are studying and we give them continual personal attention. Our boys, from the lowest rung of Indian society, have done quite well this year. Some have even passed with “distinction,” putting them in the higher percentile of their class, beating out kids of the highest caste. That is truly amazing given the background of some of our boys whose families live deep in forest areas rife with wild elephants, tigers, leopards, and king cobras.”

“Besides the academic scene, sports are an important feature both at the Boys’ Home and at their school. Without the involvement of our boys, the sports program at their school would be hurting. This year, three of our high school students made it all the way to state level in a huge field of competition. We’re proud of them!”

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