Dear Friend in Christ,

“When I retired from my flying career for the airlines after nearly thirty years,” Scott, MJ, tells us, “I had a lot of time to give some thought on what God might be calling me to do. I no longer had a profession through which I was sanctifying the world and myself.  But the good Lord always finds us where we are and as we are, attracting us through the gifts He has given us. I love the rich treasury of spirituality, theology, and philosophy that accompany the teachings of the holy Catholic faith. Through our Miles Jesu Education Fund, I attended the Pontifical University of St. Thomas in Rome to receive a diploma in spirituality and the Augustine Institute in Denver, Colorado to finish my M.A. Degree in Theology, with emphasis on the New Evangelization. I hope to put my experience and education to good use in the service of Our Lord—in catechesis and spiritual direction, if God so wills. There are many ways for us laity to participate in the mission of the Church. Thank you so much for considering helping to grow the Miles Jesu Education Fund.

Your help is needed to support the Miles Jesu Education Fund. Your sacrifice of a large gift or a monthly pledge truly makes all the difference. In Miles Jesu we take all our benefactors seriously and pray for you and your loved ones in our daily Mass, holy hours and rosaries. This is our debt of gratitude because the Miles Jesu Education Fund depends upon the Providence God through people like you.

Please help our Miles Jesu Missions today.

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