By Joe Sullivan, MJ • Phoenix, AZ

Sometimes, it may seem that there is not a lot going on in the trenches of evangelization. There could be several reasons for this.

It could be that I am not actually making much effort to evangelize. Or that circumstances of life do not lend themselves to any direct evangelization right now.

The first reason can be easily remedied by praying for fortitude and courage. God blesses the brave and fortune comes to those who take risks. I need to pray for more fortitude. The second reason could be that God wants me to cool it for a while. Perhaps, He is telling me that He is in control here and I am just a poor instrument. He can move hearts without me. When this happens, I need to step out of the way and take the time of rest God is giving me for now.

Besides, I should take the time and make sure priorities are set straight. I need to be sure I am not trying to remove the speck in my neighbor’s eye while ignoring the big beam in my own eye.

How is my prayer life? How are my relationships? Am I on top of my daily duties and obligations? How is my spirit of sacrifice?

There is a reason why St. Therese of Lisieux is the patron saint of missionaries. She was not a missionary. She never left the monastery. Whatever she did, no matter how small, she did with great love. It is this love that compels God to move hearts.

Love is at the heart of all evangelization. Love transcends place and time. This is not to say, then, there is no need to go out and evangelize. On the contrary, the love of God compels us to spread His love and Good News to all people, just as He commands us.

For that I pray for fortitude, so I am ready for the next opportunity.

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