Dear Friend in Christ,

The Miles Jesu Women’s Community in Rome continues their apostolate for the poor in and around St. Peter’s Square. “This winter, we decided to cook hot meals for the homeless instead of giving them sandwiches,” Geraldine Maldonado, MJ, writes. “The homeless people near St. Peter’s Square sleep on the streets in plastic tents that they set up every afternoon to protect themselves from the cold air during the night, but they are exposed to the cold all the time. For this reason, the community in Rome decided to cook a full hot meal so that they would at least have something warm in their stomachs. One very grateful woman told us that, at least with a full stomach, she feels less cold. We are very grateful to all the people whose donations help us continue with this apostolate. The people we are able to help through your generosity send a big ‘thank you’.”

Please continue to help our Miles Jesu Missions today, such as our outreach for the poor in Rome! Your sacrifice of a onetime gift or monthly pledge truly makes all the difference. Just send your tax-deductible donation in the enclosed envelope. We take our benefactors seriously in Miles Jesu, so don’t forget to include your prayer petitions as well. We pray with gratitude for you and your loved ones during our daily Masses, our holy hours, and rosaries because the Miles Jesu Missions depend upon the Providence of God through people like you.

Please support the Miles Jesu Missions today!

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